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Port24 is a Technology-Driven Intermodal Trucking Organization

Port24 is a Technology-Driven Intermodal Trucking Organization

We are continuously updating the standards for accessibility, stability, and full visibility
Port24 is a Technology-Driven Intermodal Trucking Organization
The number of moving variables involved in ocean container trucking logistics is staggering, yet few companies have embraced new methods that can streamline the process. Our technology-driven company has only one goal: to make life easier for our clients and shipping partners. We intend to create a transparent operation that increases value for shippers and multiplies earnings for drivers. We intend to pass along to our clients and employees the economies of scale and efficiencies gained from this restructured system.

Our exclusive technology, developed by our IT partner, Architech, offers complete system integration, visibility, predictability, and control. This comprehensive transportation management system acts as a one-stop resource for in-house logistics and client engagement. It can do everything from performing dispatch functions and tracking equipment, to processing orders and sending alerts.

Our high-tech, Port24 Platform, allows us to:

Deliver Full Visibility and Boost Productivity
Deliver Full Visibility and Boost Productivity
Port24 Platform’s visibility and reporting tools allow for smarter route planning. Our proprietary platform allows dispatchers, drivers, terminals, and clients to communicate in real-time; partners will know that schedules are being met, have a heads-up about potential problems, and can always pinpoint the exact location of their shipment.
Streamline Paperwork and Reduce Errors
Streamline Paperwork and Reduce Errors
Port24 Platform’s complete system integration reduces redundant data entry, reduces the risk of clerical errors, and streamlines bills of lading and electronic funds transfers for paying invoices. Its integrated EDI and API give us the ability to exchange documents with clients, drivers, and shipping partners around the world in seconds.
Strengthen Security
Strengthen Security
The security of the cargo that you entrust to us is our top priority. Overnight cargo storage is available at our controlled facility in New Jersey. Our gated container yard employs sophisticated surveillance equipment and requires multiple layers of checks to gain access. Every Port24 truck, whether company-owned or owner-operated, is fully insured to protect against damage, loss, or theft. Your digital data is protected using Port24 Platform’s latest IT security protocols and layers.
Improve the Industry
Improve the Industry
The Port24 Platform will continue developing and implementing smart initiatives that improve safety and security, address shrinking capacity, allocate resources responsibly, and boost efficiency for our organization and the intermodal industry.

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Port24 is your international logistics, warehousing distribution, and intermodal trucking partner. Our wealth of hands-on expertise offers unparalleled and reliable haulage services to meet whatever specialized your logistics needs may be.
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+1 908 264 6514
620 Division Street, Unit 3 Elizabeth NJ 07201
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