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What does clean energy mean?

What does clean energy mean?

And, how sustainable are our expectations about it?
What does clean energy mean?

There are two simple paradoxes we can walk through and share this experience. One is our understanding that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it is merely transformed. Another is the view of clean as a sterile state, a contradiction to that which energy is.

As we sort through the history left by us, we see our disposition to clean energy comes from the unintended outcomes of independence and predictability that do not seem to last. Though we built computers to test the strength of our various nuclear weapons, it is easy to disregard that living can also be a dirty labor.

Whether driven by the fear of trusting we have enough, or supported by the love of forgetting where it all comes from; we see our selfishness is grounded on some assimilation that darkness is what makes it all worth.

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Perhaps in some ways we mean time when we say fresh. And when we say we want clean anything, we are integrating our awareness that patience is a key.

Alternatively, we shift our focus and see, the endless void that calls for all consumption, is the same light that follows without disruption.

Because sharing requires a sense of abundance that asks us to expose our deepest discomforts; because we can choose to see war is peace in motion.

We point with names and concepts accomplishing more immobilizing than supporting any flow. Though time may be infinite, enjoying each moment is a practice of trusting a senseless logic with less rhetoric than an empty book.

Because we choose our arrogance over admitting we barely hold a third of any truth. Because resting can be easier, when we know someone is pending and watching over us.

We can see consciousness is a loyal partner to pass the time; instead of the mindless tool we use to accelerate the attention, we are too afraid to focus on our internal simulation.

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