And, how unsustainable are our expectations about it?

What does dirty energy mean?

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Dirty energy is one of those concepts that can make the most sense because it acknowledges its own contradiction. Similar to other oxymorons like giant ants and miniature trucks, dirty energy humbly recognizes its expansion is subject to its own contraction.

When it is expected to assimilate the lies of a make-believe caricature, because we established our convenience is worth more than any truth that comes to deny us. When our self-made success stories inevitably leave out the void and hindsight that supported and crafted each puzzle piece of our path.

And even after we theorize enough to applaud the anti-matter we barely hold in discord, we pretend to know that crystals shine from a comfortable process of mutilation and uproar.

We make the choice to look out, we see how seeds sprout. And perhaps because we are both particles and waves, we ignore, we are partially responsible for how infinity is weaved, regardless of time and space.

And we confuse this responsibility with the arrogance to know it all; to exercise our entitlement to its limited boundless form.

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Oxygen thieves, justifying ourselves as energy transformers, we may be; when we choose to forget that simply being is just as rewarding as the observer that feigns to disagree.

Perspective is a grace because it changes; it allows egos to debate, as if time stands still, and justice can be blind and stateless.

Whether we assign worth at the beginning or the end, ends justify means, and means conclude with no endings. We sit on paper thrones because the water never came, like the alchemist that finally understood that gold was the reflection of a devoided soul.

A message does not come without a messenger, and only when we surrender to the guillotine do we feel, a truth of cake is a community with a light sense of vagueness.

The most fantastic science of our times becomes less than, when we withhold the view of our predatory lenses. Measuring allows us the illusion of time travel; as we neglect, wisdom is another term for patience, and patience is an art, of the endless theory of time.

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