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Of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and other exemptions

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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week usually takes time during the first half of September. During this time, most individuals in the U.S., leave the hot summer months behind and look towards the breeze of a cooling harvest season.

Our egos guide us to expect; whatever blind justice has not blown our way. Eternity is the one thing we keep forgetting we have; so we put pressure, because the crystal is worth more, than the process of settling and becoming defined.

Illusions of ownership and fantasies of self-respect, guide us through the journey of the American dream and all of its blaze. We envision perfect days of integrated flow even though we know, the throne feels empty when we eliminate all surprises from our echo chambers.

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When taking a day of the dream seems less arbitrary than following the endless stream. There is a price to pay when we incorporate ourselves almost fully and nearly to agreeable beliefs.

Gratitude is a practice, and some practices can become virtues or so we say. So how is it so disagreeable to thank oneself first, and later be able to accept, there were no reasons for our dismay?

Because life can be a zero-sum game; how we state whose time it is and which is next, leaves us as dragons collecting a treasure that we may never spend. Because some of us are so fixated on the outside praise, we fail to notice, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs only came after we had already been sheltered and fed.

As our expectations of individuality roam closely to servitude and whatever term for the economic system we dismantle and dread; we can accept life is plenty of discomforts we are all flexible enough to face.

Humility carries a vain face because even the darkness watches us; as the shadows whisper “abundance is not just a claim.”

If we know appreciating being told what to do and what not to become feels like the highest type of discipline; we can see beauty does not come without pain, and wisdom is accepting the fool that wants to re-create.

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