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How do I pick up cargo from the ocean ports and container yards as a truck driver?

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Trucking usually makes up for the very first and last miles of an intermodal transportation delivery. As such, truck drivers may find it useful to know what to expect to ensure this part of the journey is as harmonious as we would like our lives to be.

Access requirements for each port may vary slightly, however, one’s journey may inevitably take us to the largest U.S. East Coast containerport, the Port of New York and New Jersey. Similarly, knowing the Port of NY & NJ’s requirements can help set some expectations for other ports the cargo may be coming to and from.

In order to access the Port of NY & NJ, truck drivers will need:

  • A Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC): Information on how to obtain a TWIC is available through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) web portal here.

  • A SeaLink Card: With TWIC in hand, truck drivers will visit the Truck Service Center and complete the Port Authority’s uniform truck driver identification system. A full list of requirements is available at the Port of NY & NJ’s Trucker’s Resources Guide here.

  • An RFID Tag: Drivers or trucking companies must purchase and install RFID tags. Tag purchases are done through Port Truck Pass by logging in to the web portal (here) and can be picked up at the Truck Service Center.

  • One’s valid CLASS A Commercial Driver’s License.

Ensuring a trouble-free visit requires truck drivers going through the necessary preparatory steps to make sure we are collaborating as effectively as possible. In addition to having the four items listed before; truck drivers are also encouraged to confirm any reservation, container numbers, and all other terminal-specific requirements. While at the terminal, truck drivers are advised to obey speed limit regulations, wear one’s safety vests, and follow further instructions in order to prevent delays and the possibility of having to be escorted out of the terminal.

Finally, Port24 drivers and employees are intermodal experts and are grateful to provide any guidance newer intermodal truck drivers may feel is necessary to help us achieve our goals. Cellphone use, text, social media, video photography recording, and any other distracting activities are not allowed while driving or being serviced at the terminal. Each terminal operates independently and with its own set of requirements; truck drivers are further recommended to talk about any matters that will help in preparing for a successful port visit before getting on the road.

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