And, how do we feel about binding their amendments?

How do contracts work?

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Though we are all able to feel the tapestry of energy we share, some of us rely on commitments before we can respect the relationship in which we all participate.

We go through life so scared to be bored, that we attach our egos to any wave that seems to have any different flair. Ironically we forget, that the fragility of egos can be a virtue all in itself.

We hold on so tightly to our expectations that we miss out on how the contrast keeps us in favor. We can pretend contracts came out of literacy and as means to exclude some from the table. We can pretend it is a fact we will always want to sit at the same fable.

When we consider conscious breathing as part of our karma, we can experience part of this chaos as patience out of gifts for our simple exhaustion.

As we reflect that one of the vessels that channels “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” dies stateless, we see, that liberty can be a good philosophy. Like all philosophies, they are just tools to assist us in catching up with the expansive nature of our minds.

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We further contemplate our responsibility when we are all equally in the business of transporting energy. How we uniquely recognize the essence of time and its perceptibility to each unit of our measurement.

When we ask of others, what we aren’t willing and able. We exchange gratitude and hope for the unfaithful.

Physical bodies are unions of space and time, so when we value a fish by its ability to climb a tree, we tell our surroundings that the limits cannot be considered as boundaries to be reset.

Freelancers, contractors, union workers, and whatever other category we imagine next; until we appreciate that we somehow are all living in our individual timelines, we will continue borrowing from scarcity, instead of giving without regress.

Piracy, taxes, and the fear we are not all doing the best we can push us to pretend - we already know everything and we did not come here to forget.

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